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PONYCORRRNNNN January 13, 2010

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It is time at last to introduce you all to the wondrous concept of PONYCORN.

A few months ago, I was browsing the new patterns on Ravelry when I came upon a few patterns by a crochet designer. The one that caught my eye was a bizarrely cute tyrannosaurus rex, with large eyes and an oversized head. The level of detail (and the level of HOLYCRAPCUTE) was so high that I immediately linked the pattern to Nicole, who I was chatting with on gmail at the time. She laughed, but then began to look through the other patterns… and came upon this.

photo by Paola Navarro- seen here and here

She squealed and announced that she needed to learn to crochet. Later she reiterated her desire for a crocheted pony- purple, to be specific- and I offered to make her one as a gift. But she didn’t want just any purple pony, oh no. This pony needed to have a unicorn horn.

Thus was born the PONYCORN. A being so epically girly and cute that few can bear to look upon it.

Here we see the raw materials for PONYCORN laid out in preparation.

See how it sparkles and shines, even in the dim light of my living room at 8pm? See the plasticy sheen of several thousand yards of acrylic boucle in baby-appropriate colors? See that little skein of oh-so-fancy silver acrylic yarn, dreaming evening wrap dreams, unaware of its doomed future as the horn of PONYCORN?

Well, feast your eyes on THIS, oh readers! Gaze upon the AWESOME MIGHT of PONYCORN!!!

Oh. Um. Well.

Yeah, PONYCORN is, um, not in advanced stages of creation at the moment. Unfortunately years of hardly crocheting at all has nearly eliminated my crochet callus, and at this tight gauge with boucle yarn and a little tiny hook… well. Progress is slow.

But that does not diminish the eventual glory of PONYCORN! Oh no, the long process will only increase the anticipation and amazement of things to come!

I will be documenting the evolution of PONYCORN here and probably on Ravelry as well. Stay tuned, PONYCORNians!


3 Responses to “PONYCORRRNNNN”

  1. Heather Says:

    I’m leaving a comment to say…..

    I’m speechless.

    That’s uh…yeah…ummm…

    Well, have fun!

  2. Nicole Says:


  3. Mom Says:

    Well? Any progress?

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