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the week of suck January 27, 2010

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Bah. I apologize. This last week has been… eventful. And not, unfortunately, in terms of lovely things like knitting.

I’m not really in the mood to draw this out, so I’ll keep it short. Basically, my boss tripled my workload with no increase in pay, possibly permanently; then I discovered that actually the school I had my heart set on has something of a bad reputation, so I have to look at other options (though probably still in Colorado); then I got sick; and today Cory found out he’s been let go.

It all… well, it all sucks, and it’s all unavoidable, not-my-fault type stuff, which sort of makes it suck more. I’m hoping that Cory’s job ending will be the last hurrah for this suck-week and I can go back to relatively normal, but because work is now constantly, insanely busy, no promises on how often I’ll be able to post. I mean, I haven’t knit a stitch since the 18th. So, I’ll post what I’ve got when I’ve got it, and I’ll try to make it at least once a week.


Knitting Beta Tester January 18, 2010

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As some of you might have heard, I have declared this year the Year of Socks. This basically means that everyone in my family is getting hand-knit socks for their birthdays. Thus, when I saw a friend of mine on Ravelry requesting test knitters for a sock pattern, I jumped on the opportunity. Nothing makes me knit faster than having a designer counting on me! Of course, since she only asked me to get one sock done in a week, that means the second sock will probably languish a while… but that’s fine. I have time.

It’s nice to be knitting a sock, again. This yarn is amazing- it’s Knitpicks Imagination in Mermaid Lagoon. It has alpaca in it, so I can’t use it for myself, but I’ve wanted to try it since it came out. I really am enjoying this design, too. It’s simple, but not boring, and mindless enough to do while you watch tv. I’m looking forward to the heel, as it uses a gusset and flap design I haven’t seen before. Once the pattern is published I will definitely link it!

As a side note, I will be sharing photos and details about all the socks I knit this year, even if the recipient reads this blog. I will not, however, be sharing who they are for until they’re given, and then I’ll try to get action shots.


PONYCORRRNNNN January 13, 2010

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It is time at last to introduce you all to the wondrous concept of PONYCORN.

A few months ago, I was browsing the new patterns on Ravelry when I came upon a few patterns by a crochet designer. The one that caught my eye was a bizarrely cute tyrannosaurus rex, with large eyes and an oversized head. The level of detail (and the level of HOLYCRAPCUTE) was so high that I immediately linked the pattern to Nicole, who I was chatting with on gmail at the time. She laughed, but then began to look through the other patterns… and came upon this.

photo by Paola Navarro- seen here and here

She squealed and announced that she needed to learn to crochet. Later she reiterated her desire for a crocheted pony- purple, to be specific- and I offered to make her one as a gift. But she didn’t want just any purple pony, oh no. This pony needed to have a unicorn horn.

Thus was born the PONYCORN. A being so epically girly and cute that few can bear to look upon it.

Here we see the raw materials for PONYCORN laid out in preparation.

See how it sparkles and shines, even in the dim light of my living room at 8pm? See the plasticy sheen of several thousand yards of acrylic boucle in baby-appropriate colors? See that little skein of oh-so-fancy silver acrylic yarn, dreaming evening wrap dreams, unaware of its doomed future as the horn of PONYCORN?

Well, feast your eyes on THIS, oh readers! Gaze upon the AWESOME MIGHT of PONYCORN!!!

Oh. Um. Well.

Yeah, PONYCORN is, um, not in advanced stages of creation at the moment. Unfortunately years of hardly crocheting at all has nearly eliminated my crochet callus, and at this tight gauge with boucle yarn and a little tiny hook… well. Progress is slow.

But that does not diminish the eventual glory of PONYCORN! Oh no, the long process will only increase the anticipation and amazement of things to come!

I will be documenting the evolution of PONYCORN here and probably on Ravelry as well. Stay tuned, PONYCORNians!


This will be my year January 11, 2010

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I must confess, blog, that I have ulterior motives for coming skittering back to you. The truth is, this has the potential to be a very, very big year for me… even bigger than the year I graduated college, got married, and got my first real job.

Some of you might remember an older post of mine, in which I bemoaned my lack of life direction, whining that I felt I’d never find my true path, or a career, or anything that really felt right to me. Well, I should have waited a few months, because it finally hit me. Honestly, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I always dismissed it because, frankly, I’m squeamish. I’m not entirely sure I want to share my plans with the world at large quite yet, because I’ll feel awfully silly (and the disappointment will be sharper) if they don’t come to fruition. But I need the support I get from you, blog, to get through this and make it happen, so here goes.

I’m going back to school for Veterinary Technology.

Sunk in yet? Yes? Ok, next part. This one’s a doozy, I hope you’re ready…

It’s in Denver. Yes, Denver, Colorado. Cory’s going to start looking for jobs out there for when he graduates in June, and I will look for part-time work once we get there. Assuming he can find a job by July 1, we’ll be moving then. I’m incredibly nervous, and super, super excited.

I’ve never lived anywhere else. In fact, I’m pretty sure every place I’ve ever lived is within 15-20 miles of where I’m currently sitting. Mine is a tiny little world. Admittedly, my dad and a few of my friends live out in Colorado, but they’ll all be at least an hour’s drive from the school.

I’m applying as soon as the packet my recruiter is sending me gets here. I don’t know what that entails, but based on their website I don’t see any reason I could be rejected. My college GPA was 3.49, and the website says if your high school GPA was lower than 2.5 then you have to take an assessment test… so, I think I’m fine. I’ll just have to get a copy of my transcript.

If anyone reading this could, I’d really appreciate thoughts/prayers/mojo to the effect that Cory will find a job out there, and soon. I’m going to feel really up-in-the-air until that happens!


Curveball January 10, 2010

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Here is how yesterday was supposed to go.

  1. Get up at 8 and get ready to go.
  2. Drive down and pick up my brother.
  3. Meet my sister at my mom’s and help take down my mom’s Christmas decorations.
  4. Eat scones.
  5. Pick up medications for my mom and bring them to her.
  6. Take decorations to my sister’s house to put in storage.
  7. Take my brother home.
  8. Go home.
  9. Play wii and WoW for the rest of the day.

And here’s what actually happened.

  1. Get up at 8 and get ready to go.
  2. Go out to the car, which totally dies upon shifting into gear.
  3. Realize the alternator isn’t just going, but totally gone.
  4. Call mom and tell her we can’t come.
  5. Call Cory’s dad and ask him to come help fix the car.
  6. Play wii and World of Warcraft all day while Cory and his dad fix the car.

I have to say, it was seriously impressive how fast they got it done (I would have attempted to help, but I know myself as I relate to cars and I would just be in the way). It was… maybe 2 or 3 hours at most, and they had a new alternator installed and the car running fine again. And it was done not even 12 hours after we realized it was broken! It was not terribly expensive, either; less than $200. Could have been a lot worse.


…with extra sheepish. January 8, 2010

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Though, to my credit, very little happened. Well, very little externally. A LOT happened internally, and continues to happen. It’s tough to blog when things get the way they’ve been. I’ll leave it at that; suffice to say, having one good day does not a comeback make.

One external event that did occur, however– I had to buy a new winter coat. This was a problem, as the mittens (scroll down; they’re still on this page) that I made earlier in the year do NOT go with my new, purple coat. Thus: more new mittens, a.k.a. the only thing I’ve knit besides my brother’s present since October.

Snowflake Mittens, Kathmandu Aran and Karabella Superwash Merino

I love them, though they did cause a bit of heartache. I knit the entire first mitten- the WHOLE thing- and then put it on and discovered it was way, way too small. This after I had reknit the cuff twice because it had been too big. I actually forced myself to cut the kitchener at the top and rip out the entire mitten to reknit it. I still can’t believe I did it with minimal complaining and gnashing of teeth.

Right now… well, I’ve got a few things going. I’m still playing World of Warcraft, though– AND we got a wii for Christmas– so progress is markedly slow. I’ve baaarely started Nicole’s Ponycorn (I’ll… I’ll explain that later. That deserves several posts of its own.) and I’ve picked Wisteria back up at long last. I mostly work on Wisteria at work, and with how busy this week has been, that means I’ve gotten approximately 1 row done on it this entire week. The Ponycorn is slower because I’ve lost my crochet callus and the gauge on the project is supposed to be very, very tight, so it’s really hard on my fingers. It’s going, though, however slowly, and that’s the important thing!


It ain’t just a river in egypt January 7, 2010

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the individual responsible for this blog would like you all to know that it has not, in fact, been over two months since she last posted. There is no way that could have happened, because it is most certainly not January 2010. That is just simply not possible.

however, on the off chance that she is wrong and it has, in fact, been that amount of time, she offers you this photo of her brother in his christmas present as compensation. She hopes you will feel it makes up for lost time.

Jackyll & Hyde from knitty.com, knit with Karabella Superwash Merino. Embroidery is from the game Grim Fandango.