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So many photos, so little… camera cord October 14, 2009

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I’ve been meaning to post since Sunday, when Janelle, Nicole, and I went down to Wisconsin to meet up with a friend of mine in La Crosse. It was a lovely time and we had lots of fun, but I keep forgetting my camera cord at home, and when I’m at home I just forget to upload them at all. It’s annoying, because every other camera I’ve owned just used a mini usb connector (and I keep an extra of those at work to charge my mp3 player), but this one does not. It’s a totally different sort of plug.

So, all I can give you is a promise to try to remember my cord tomorrow. And hopefully also some knitting, because I have also not had time in my mornings to get a project together to take to work at all this week. This is also completely my fault, as I have plenty of time to get something going in the evening, but of course I forget. Thus I have made utterly zero progress on my C*mas knitting recently, which is Bad and means I guess I won’t be doing NaKniSweMo this year. Oh well, I’ll have my own belated one in January or something.

On the plus side, my main is now level 80 in WoW. For those that don’t know, that’s currently the level cap. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now that I’m 80, to be honest… it’s been all about XP for the entire time I’ve played, so it’s bizarre to not have that goal anymore. I feel a bit like Inigo Montoya. There are lots of money-making things to do, though, and I still don’t have “fast flying” (it costs 5000 gold to train it, I have about 3000) so there’s that.

I’m sort of wishing I’d taken a day off this week. I was half-planning to take a half day this Friday and another one next week, but my boss (who does my job when I’m out) has this Friday off, so I can’t leave (well, I could, but that would leave T in charge of my job and she’s not very experienced so that wouldn’t be very nice… but I might anyway). Oh well, if I stay all day this Friday, I get next Friday off, so that will be nice when it comes.


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