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Answers to questions I have received lately September 28, 2009

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1. No, I do not intend to drop the blog. I have in fact been putting off posting in the hopes that, tomorrow, no, well surely the next day I will be able to start posting daily again.

2. I’m at level 71 now in WoW. I’m hoping to hit 75 by Saturday.

3. No, I haven’t been knitting. This is mostly because I have only barely enough yarn to knit mitten #2 and the two balls I have are different dye lots. On mitten #1 I used the paler ball to do the cuff, and the darker for the main part, but there’s not enough of either ball to do the entire hand part this time and I’m trying to decide what to do about it.

4. No, I haven’t given up my social life for WoW. In fact we went to a party last night, and we are going to another one on Friday and hosting one on Sunday (if you haven’t been invited do not feel bad, it is a small party related to an online group I am in and is a bit of an inside joke anyway).

5. Yes, Cory started playing WoW again too.

6. Yes, I did just get an email today saying there another mandatory hours reduction coming up. Yes, I’m extremely upset about it and sort of surreptitiously thinking about looking for a new job. I’m actually more upset about my coworker taking time off, and therefore leaving her job up to me, than I am about the money I’ll lose taking time off myself.

7. Yes, I’ll try to post more. No, I can’t promise it’ll be daily until I’m knitting more, unless at least three people tell me they really, no seriously, really want to hear about my WoW playing.


One Response to “Answers to questions I have received lately”

  1. Heather Says:

    I am really interested in your WOW stuff.

    No, really, I am.

    I’m not kidding. For reals!

    (Okay, maybe I’d prefer some knitting content, but I can’t complain. I suck as a blogger. But I wish you would blog more. It would be better for me, and it’s all about me, right?)

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