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Six days is too long September 17, 2009

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I’m in the middle of another marathon headache, it seems. This one started Saturday morning with the weather change, and while it’s faded into the background for a few hours here and there, it’s been one heck of a ride. Yesterday I went home from work early to try to beat it into submission with extra drugs and a nap, but to no avail. It’s back to full strength now and I don’t have any more leeway for sick time.

On the plus side, I’ve gotten about half of my first mitten done. I don’t have my camera here today (no, I didn’t replace the broken one yet, it still sort of works), but I’ll post a photo when I can. The colors are still spiraling just as I hoped they would and I am SO excited about how they’re turning out! They’re very me, and manage to look really fancy while still casual and simple. I love them.

[WoW talk ahead- skip if you like]
My night elf hunter is level 57 now! I’m excited, but it means I have to get the expansions so I can continue to level after I hit 60. Mostly I want to hit 60 so I can tame “exotic” creatures, like devilsaurs (um, basically t-rexs) and silithids (giant insects). I like my ghost cat that I tamed back at level 20, but you know how it is. I want something cooler looking!

We’re running Mauradon tonight, hopefully, so I’ll just be gathering quests for it this evening before the run. I’m hoping to still get a good chunk of XP from the quests, even though they’re 15ish levels too low for me right now.

[End WoW Talk]

Anyway, not much planned for this weekend. I’ve been sort of worn out lately (gee, could you tell?) so quiet weekends in front of the computer have been really, really nice. I might make a bit of an effort to do something “out” just so I feel like I tried, but mostly I’d just like to stay home. I don’t think this is permanent (though it is a pity it is happening at the end of summer when it’s nice out), I just needed a month or so to get my bearings and catch myself before I fell too far. I’ve actually been feeling really good, emotionally, the last few days, so thanks to all of you for your sweet comments and support. I really do appreciate it.


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