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Finish? what does that mean? September 15, 2009

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No, really.


Yeah, I actually finished something for once. Unfamiliar feeling, I know, but there they are! I love them, and I’m really glad they fit my mom and she loves them. It worked out quite well. For those who’ve forgotten (probably all of you) I made the medium size, with two colors of Koigu Superwash Merino. Lovely stuff, very sproingy and tightly twisted. Probably won’t see a lot of pilling on these!

Am I going to work on one of my other WIPs now? Don’t be silly. I started something new, of course!

mitten, yay!This will be the Breathe Deep mittens. Some of you might recognize this yarn- it’s leftover from a cowl I made myself last year. Malabrigo worsted, of course! I love it, but it does tend to pool strangely in this colorway. I’m happy that it appears to be just spiralling this time.


One Response to “Finish? what does that mean?”

  1. Mom Says:

    Ooooh, I am so lucky.

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