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The last hurrah September 2, 2009

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Here are the yarn photos I managed to get with my gimp camera (by the way, I have a gimp foot to match now- broke the end bone in my 2nd toe yesterday tripping over a hole in the sidewalk). Unfortunately the Geek Squad rep I talked to yesterday says they can’t just replace the camera, even though it broke the same way before and wasn’t repairable… So, I’ll have to wait another two weeks for them to tell me, again, that they can’t repair it and then I’ll get a new camera.

A different new camera. As in, not a Canon Powershot A480.


Anyway here is yarn.

poppy yarnThis is the yarn for Poppy, for my cousin’s daughter Lily for Christmas. I have three skeins of the peach color, but I’ll probably only use 1.5. The purple is for her dress and the black for her shoes and hair.

mmmm sock yarnI lurve sock yarn

This is Arucania Ranco, which I hadn’t ever seen before. I like Arucania yarns, so I was excited to see that they make a relatively inexpensive ($14) sock yarn in pretty semisolids! The blue/grey/purple is for me, for Rivendell socks, and the green/brown is for Cory.


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