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Can I get a Recall? September 1, 2009

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So, this morning, I went to go take photos of the yarn I bought in Colorado, so I could show you guys. I got everything set up, turned on the camera, and heard a now all-too-familiar sound…

Yep. The lens retractor broke… again. New camera, same problem, which means it wasn’t a fluke. It’s an issue with the model, and probably a known issue. I’m taking it back to Best Buy, again, and I’m going to tell them a. that this has happened before and isn’t fixable, so please don’t send it away for two weeks and not call me, and b. I would like a different brand and model this time please. I love the super macro function, but man… it is NOT worth this.

So, unfortunately, no photos today. Or probably for a while. We’re going to go to Best Buy on Thursday, but I might buckle and call them today. I’m pretty upset about this.


2 Responses to “Can I get a Recall?”

  1. Kala Says:

    Man that sucks, I’d be so pissed if that happened to me!

  2. berlinbetty Says:

    Show them who’s boss! You pants those geek squaders if you need to.

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