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Not quite widowed August 20, 2009

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See this waterfall? That’s chasm falls, a 30 foot waterfall in Rocky Mountain National Park. My crazy husband, my dad, and I were climbing around by the falls, and said husband decided to cross the stream and climb up the other side.

At the top, there wasn’t really a way across… but nor was there an easy way down. I told him to cross on these logs.

He decided, though, that it would be faster to cross on the rocks, so he jumped…

…onto a slippery rock, and fell in. He stumbled, but caught himself on the very last rock before the 30 foot drop, which you can see in the lower left.

In the long run, no lasting harm done, but MAN was it scary. He, of course, thought it was SO COOL.

In any case, we’re home now. I bought lots of yarn, we climbed lots of rocks and trails and mountains, I have a wicked bruise on my leg from one of those rocks, and our apartment was NOT torn to shreds by the tornado that hit our neighborhood while we were waiting in the Denver airport for hours (our plane was 2.5 hours late, we got home around 1am).

Here are some more photos. If you want to see all 436, they’re here.


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