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Needful Things August 9, 2009

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No knitting today, but I did go on a long, long overdue shopping trip. To start with, my purse was breaking in a bad way, just about on its last legs. Also, I was down to about 5 work-appropriate shirts and two of them are on their way to being casual clothing. Then there’s the fact that my old running shoes were purchased for me when I was in high school and, well, your body changes as you age… and my feet are just too big and shaped wrong for those shoes now. My tea thermos at work was chipping badly and doesn’t keep heat in very well in the first place, and to cap it all off I was almost out of stationery for writing to my pen pals.

So, I bought: A purse, in a purple fancy fabric and brown leather, with a matching brown leather wallet; 5 new shirts, all of which are work-appropriate but could be worn on less formal occasions; 3 packs of sanrio brand stationery and some stickers to go with it; and some rather pricey but extraordinarily comfortable hiking shoes. I’m really quite pleased with everything I got, though I did spend… rather more than intended (see: hiking shoes). I got some great deals (hint: kohl’s is having a really nice sale… example: I got an awesome Nine & Co. purse for $26) and I think I managed to only get things that will really last, this time, instead of spending less on cheap products that break quickly.

Overall, a resounding success, I must say.


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