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August already?! August 2, 2009

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The fact that it is, yes, already August came crashing down on my head today in the form of a heat and humidity induced killer headache that is still hanging around, 16 hours after I woke up. No fun, but I did get some good knitting done.

I finished the hat for my dad!


I think it turned out very nicely, though it’s unfortunate that I’m giving him this nice cozy warm hat just at the exact wrong time of year for anything labeled “warm” in any fashion, unless preceded by “not”.

I also got started on my Endpaper Mitts, because (since it’s, yep, August) the Mitt-a-long we’re doing with our podcast has begun. I’m probably also going to start another pair that isn’t colorwork, to do while I’m at work between tickets. Gotta have something easy that I can pick up and drop whenever I need to.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go lie down in front of a fan with ice on my head.


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