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Random… uh, Monday? August 31, 2009

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I felt the need to post, but really have nothing to say, so here is Random Monday for you.

  • I’ve started playing World of Warcraft again. Yeah yeah I know, slippery slope, goodbye social life, blah blah blah. Spare me the lecture. It’s fun, and it gives me some people to hang out with while Cory is at work.
  • Oh yeah, by the way, Cory got a job. It’s just foodservice, but it’s something.
  • I posted my second Examiner.com article today. It’s my chili recipe, which I’ve posted here before, but you can look anyway if you want. (also, if anyone wants to become an examiner, let me know… we get great referral bonuses.)
  • I’ve hardly been knitting at all lately. This has very little to do with my playing WoW. My projects are just not inspiring me, and I’ve had little downtime at work.
  • I finally found that black, hoodless, open front, long sleeved, under $25 cardigan I’ve been searching for. I’m wearing it now, and it is nice.
  • Unfortunately my hands are freezing and those leafy mitts I made are itchy. I think I need to make some malabrigo ones. It’s so COLD at work!
  • I’m going to the State Fair on Wednesday, to see Storyhill. They’re playing for FREE! I am excited.
  • For anyone with digestive issues: don’t bother with Activia. Eat Kashi Vive. Tastes like meh, works like magic.

Yay, Pennies! August 30, 2009

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Well, I’m now officially the Minneapolis Budget Meals Examiner. Hooray!

What does this mean? Well, it means I basically have a second blog, only it’s more like a tri-weekly newspaper article, and it pays me (sort of). I mean, I get some pennies, which is better than nothing.

In any case, my page is here. I’d appreciate it very much if you’d click and read, and even more if you’d subscribe.

Also if any of you get the urge to become an Examiner, let me know. We get sweet bonuses for referring people.


Update August 26, 2009

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Thanks for the comments and support, everyone. I really appreciate it.

After talking the issue over with a few people, I’ve come to a semi-decision- or at least come up with a plan I’m happy with. I’ll say no more about it, as I’m sure it’ll be very apparent as it unfolds (not any time soon, but whatevs). Suffice to say, I’m a lot less afraid, at least for the time being.

Thanks again.


What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

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Hello Blog.

I know I’ve been neglecting you of late, and I apologise. I made a commitment to post every day and I haven’t held up my end of the bargain. I’ve been dealing with some really complicated, confusing life stuff and I just haven’t had the headspace to knit, let alone blog about knitting.

Blog, when you were just a little website, did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? Did you know from an early age that you would become a blog?

See, I’m a grown up already. I’m married, I have cats and bills and responsibilities and a real job and a degree. You can’t really get much more grown up (well, learning to drive would help, but I have my reasons on that front) without having kids and you know THAT isn’t gonna happen. But I still don’t know what I want to be, or even if that’s the right question to ask.

It all seems so clear when you’re little. You’ll go along, growing up and going to school, and one day something will click and you’ll suddenly say “this is it. this feels right. this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”. So I spent my high school and college years just sort of waiting for that to happen, for the clouds to part and heavenly light to shine down upon… something. Some career track that would be just perfect and I’d love it and be happy working for the rest of my life.

It’s a lie, blog. None of that is true for me. It never happened, and I’m starting to feel like it never will.

Everything I’ve done up til now has been just because it was the easy way. I went to college because I had help and support in doing that, and it seemed like it was expected. It seemed like what I was supposed to do, so I did. I got my helpdesk job because it was offered to me, not because I wanted it. I majored in Anthropology because it was just what I had taken classes in, so I wouldn’t have to struggle to graduate on time (much). I got my current job because it is, again, what was offered to me. No education or career choices I’ve made in the last, oh, five years have been because I really, really wanted whatever it was. It was just… easy. I don’t want to live the rest of my life like that.

But then, blog, maybe I’m just not a “career” person, you know? Maybe I’m destined to switch jobs every few years, try different things, and never settle on just one path. But that is neither lucrative nor fulfilling… or it doesn’t seem like it would be, anyway.

This is keeping me up at night, blog. It’s bothering me more an more with every day that I don’t get off my butt and choose. Unfortunately, though I’ve come up with 5 or 6 options that I could probably handle and most likely enjoy, not one of them really screams “This is it! I am your perfect career track! I will make you happy long-term!” I just don’t know what to do, at this point. I keep wishing there was someone who would take me aside and say “look, I’ve thought it over, and this is what you should do.” but no one can make that kind of decision about my life but me. That’s the trouble with being a grown-up, blog… it’s all up to me.

And that’s terrifying.


Rediscovery August 23, 2009

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Yesterday, Cory and I went up to Taylor’s Falls for the day. I’d been there  before, several times, but not in a decade or so. I remembered the large potholes, drilled by whirlpools in ancient riverbeds, and doing some climbing around on boulders near the visitor center, but not much else.  Seeing it as an adult was like seeing it for the first time. While we were there, we hiked nearly every inch of trail marked on the map.  I’m quite sure I’ve never been up Sandstone Bluffs Trail before– incredible views, but so many stairs!

I’m really, really glad we went. Particularly if we do end up moving out of state, I want to take advantage of as much of Minnesota as we can while the weather’s still nice.  We’re thinking about going down to one of the caves next weekend, or finding someone with a canoe and heading to a lake.


Not quite widowed August 20, 2009

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See this waterfall? That’s chasm falls, a 30 foot waterfall in Rocky Mountain National Park. My crazy husband, my dad, and I were climbing around by the falls, and said husband decided to cross the stream and climb up the other side.

At the top, there wasn’t really a way across… but nor was there an easy way down. I told him to cross on these logs.

He decided, though, that it would be faster to cross on the rocks, so he jumped…

…onto a slippery rock, and fell in. He stumbled, but caught himself on the very last rock before the 30 foot drop, which you can see in the lower left.

In the long run, no lasting harm done, but MAN was it scary. He, of course, thought it was SO COOL.

In any case, we’re home now. I bought lots of yarn, we climbed lots of rocks and trails and mountains, I have a wicked bruise on my leg from one of those rocks, and our apartment was NOT torn to shreds by the tornado that hit our neighborhood while we were waiting in the Denver airport for hours (our plane was 2.5 hours late, we got home around 1am).

Here are some more photos. If you want to see all 436, they’re here.


Another World August 15, 2009

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We landed in Colorado last night around 8:40 or so, Mountain Time. We couldn’t see any of the landscape here- the sun sets early, behind the Rockies- but the landscapes we saw from the plane were absolutely breathtaking. At one point as we sat gaping out the window, Cory turned to me and said “that is where the Wild Things are.”