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the waiting game July 29, 2009

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I really haven’t been knitting (or spinning) at all the last couple of days… first because I’ve been busy, second because I’ve been sick, and third because I really can’t get the two skeins of koigu I have set aside for Endpaper Mitts out of my head.  And I can’t start knitting those until August starts- because of the mitt-a-long we’ve decided to have in the Knitscape group on Ravelry.

So, you see why I haven’t had much to talk about on here. I keep meaning to take photos of the socks I started, but since those got ripped off the needles by an errant dog (my own fault, I left ’em on the floor), I need to get them back on track before I can show off. I should also share some photos of the things I bought this past weekend at both Detta’s and the Fiber Studio, but much of that is gifts.

I also bought some yarn, as a friend of mine had a monetary emergency and was selling some very good yarn for very good prices. I got two skeins of brown malabrigo lace and a skein of pink/burgundy/brown kauni. Not sure what I’ll do with either, but they are beautiful.

I’ll try to get those socks on track by the end of tonight, and share photos for you guys.


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