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photos of things that aren’t yarn July 29, 2009

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Since all I’ve photographed lately has been handspun, here are a few things that are not that.

First, the Sunday Swing socks I’m knitting, toe-up, in Malabrigo Sock (colorway Caribeno).

Sock toesNow that I’m back on track (i never did find the lost stitch- I just picked up a new one), these are going just fine again. I love this yarn knit up. I actually like it more than I did in the skein, which is saying something.

This is what I got for myself as a “prize” for finishing the Tour de Fleece.

labyrinthThis is 4oz of Falkland wool in colorway Labyrinth, by Pigeonroof Studios. Apparently, Falkland wool is special because there are no sheep parasites native to the Falkland Islands, so the wool has never been “dipped”, giving it a nicer quality.

Remember the pear tahkli that I got at Detta’s? The supported spindle? Well, the thing about supported spindles is that they need, um, support. Normally this is done in a small ceramic or wooden bowl made specifically for the purpose (and costing from $10-$40). I didn’t get one, so I was looking around for something I could use or modify for this use, and happened upon a teeny little wooden box. I have a few tiny boxes- I’ve always loved them- and this one seemed just right. I took a knitting needle and a mallet and punched a hole in the middle, and I was right, it works absolutely perfectly with this spindle.

spindle with boxThe spindle’s tip fits loosely enough to spin well, but tightly enough that I can just leave the thing sitting straight up in the box and it doesn’t tip over. …Now, I just need to learn to spin on the thing, eh?


3 Responses to “photos of things that aren’t yarn”

  1. Abby Says:

    Love the Mal socks! =)

  2. You Know Who Says:

    You did what to one of your boxes? O_O

    (For realz, though, I can’t wait to see you use that thing.)

  3. Lauri Sam Says:

    I love that sock pattern…I may even finally have to lose my sock virginity with that pattern. You picked lovely yarn.

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