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Argh July 25, 2009

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I’d be posting more if my stupid wheel wasn’t kind of a big snafu right now. For some unknown reason, the wheel is pulling on my single like the brake band is super tight when it isn’t. Color me frustrated, I’ve been battling with the thing for 2 nights now. I did manage to get a second bobbin done, but the third…. who knows.

I also started a pair of Sunday Swing socks (that’s the new knitty pattern from the summer surprises), only toe up. I’m using a skein of malabrigo sock in Caribeno, which I’ve attempted a couple of patterns on before, but this is the first one to really work. I quite like how it’s coming out, in fact I like the yarn better knit up than in the skein.

If anyone’s curious, no, I’m not really WWMing anymore because I finished every project that I had any chance of finishing within the time limit. The socks, since I cast them on prior to July, might count, but there’s no chance I’ll finish them. I’m mostly focusing on the tour now since it ends tomorrow, but that’s difficult with my wheel acting up. I’m going down to Detta’s Spindle with some people today though and I’m going to see if she has any insight.


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