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Conflicted feelings July 19, 2009

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My first real, I-pay-taxes-now job was as a cashier for the Cub Foods grocery store. Meeting my husband there aside, I had nearly 100% negative experiences at said job, and have since always held a pretty hefty grudge against the whole company. However, since it was the most convenient grocery store for us to stop at today on the way home from helping my mom move her new couch into her apartment, we stopped there for our biweekly grocery trip.

Most of the store was pretty standard, and I was upset to see that they do not carry my beloved Morningstar Farms fake ground beef crumbles, but on the other hand… the “world” foods section there is about twice the size of the one at the Rainbow that we live near. They carry things that we just can’t get otherwise unless we make the trip to the Asian foods market, like garam masala and curry powder in bulk, basmati rice that doesn’t cost $10/pound, and mock duck. We eat a lot of curry. No, seriously, we eat a LOT of it– I’d say at least 2/3 of our meals that I make at home are curry-based in some fashion (the other 1/3 is divided evenly between pasta and mexican dishes). I used our newfound bounty tonight and made some really, really freakin’ delicious masoor dal, a red lentil stew. So, so tasty.

The rest of my day was spent spinning! I have been buckling down on that wool/seacell blend now, and I’ve gotten nearly half of it done. I’m doing a true three ply, so I weighed into 3 even sections. I have one bobbin done and one about halfway there. Here’s the finished one.


This roving is very reminescent of fruit, and the seacell bits even look a bit like pulp, so I’m thinking of calling the finished yarn “Sangria”. Yum.


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