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State of the Knitting July 18, 2009

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A quick update for those keeping score.

Chain Chomp Hat: the main hat is done, and the i-cord for the chain links is barely started. I’ve decided to use polar fleece for the eyes and teeth.

Wool/seacell blend roving: 1/2 of 1/3 spun up. It’s gonna take at least a couple of days of non-stop spinning to get this puppy done. I have hope that I’ll get 2/3 done overall by Monday. I’m doing a three-ply (it’ll probably end up DK or Worsted weight, though I was hoping for thinner, so we’ll see), it’ll be my first true three-ply and my first use of the tensioned lazy kate I made.

Aeolian: still firmly in the doghouse.

Other spindle projects: …what other spindle projects? No idea what you’re talking about. ::cough::

Tussah silk roving: waiting until I finish the seacell blend before I tackle this again. Gotta figure out how much freakin’ twist it’s gonna take to stay together. Sheesh.


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