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A good way to lose your fingers July 14, 2009

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We took the cats in for their annual exam, today. Since we moved, we had to find a new vet; on the recommendation of a friend, we picked one out and got everything squared away. However… honestly, even if we don’t move again next year, I’m not entirely sure we’ll be back to this vet. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice enough, the prices were good, and honestly I kind of expected to be told (AGAIN) that Simon needs to lose weight (maybe 1 pound. Seriously).

However… she was very insistent that we brush our cats’ teeth.


Ok, I’ll buy that they need tooth brushing. Since no vet had talked about it, we assumed it was sort of optional, and we feed them dental treats anyway… but yeah, ok, we should brush their teeth. Maybe, like, once every couple weeks or something, when we clip their claws.

No no. Daily. Every single day.

I nearly told her “Ok, lady, you want their teeth brushed daily? You come do it, and after a couple of days with Lyra WE SHALL SEE how many hands and/or eardrums you have left!


In other news, I started spinning up some yellow/orange/red merino seacell blend. I’m shooting for a proper 3 ply, sport to dk weight. I also started knitting a seekrit hat for my friend Matt, for whom I attempted the Transformers Toque. It failed, twice, so I picked a new surprise pattern that I’m very excited about. It’s the Chain Chomp hat, here (it’s a Mario reference, for the uninformed). I’m knitting it using Patons Classic Wool, doubled.


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