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Failure is always an option July 6, 2009

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Well guys, Aeolian is… how should I put this…

In a time out.

A SERIOUS time out. A possibly for several months, you-did-something-seriously-wrong-young-lady-and-I-want-you-to-know-it sort of time out.

After it became inexplicably screwed up for the third time yesterday, I did some thinking. I realized a few things… one, I should not resent my knitting. If I resent my knitting there is Something Wrong and the knitting and I need to take a leetle break. Two, I have nowhere to wear such a jewelled confection as it shall surely, once complete, become (as a caterpillar from a cocoon, I am sure of it), and I’d rather have that deadline of a truly formal event to get me to finish it. Three, no one will be upset with me if I don’t finish it NOW NOW NOW, except possibly Janelle, but she’s wrong. (also it is slightly wrong how difficult it was not to type NOM NOM NOM right there by accident)

So today at work, I did… nothing. Nothing at all. It would have been boring, except that I actually had, you know, work to do. The day still went really slowly, though. After I got home, I spun up a few dozen more yards of the camel down (only 0.2 oz to go! I’m 80% done with the singles!) and started on a seekrit project that I cannot even share with you, dear blog. It is pretty much to replace Aeolian in my WWM queue, since I can’t spin at work and will probably havea  few dead days there before the end of the month (besides, there are two “days of rest” in the TdF so you don’t burn out).

Oh, and podcast episode 13 is up and downloadable. I even checked it this time- it works, promise. 🙂


One Response to “Failure is always an option”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    I’m not upset. As long as you have fiber in your little claws, I’m happy. Well, as long as I get to squoosh it, too.

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