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I’m divorcing my neck July 5, 2009

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Still working on finding a lawyer that will take my case, but man, every time I have a good chunk of time to knit or spin, my neck acts up and I get a blazing headache. Today it went away for… oh, maybe 2 hours? Just long enough to make and eat dinner, and then as soon as I sat down again to knit, WHAM. Headache. I know it’s nothing to do with my posture or the knitting motions, because it usually starts before I even start knitting. It’s like my neck just anticipates days where I’ll be spending lots of time on my projects.

Very frustrating.

However, I did get a few rows done on the shawl (and then got totally stuck, AGAIN, when I was suddenly and inexplicably short a stitch) and quite a bit of camel spun up. I took some new progress shots of the camel for the Tour de Fleece threads, so I can share those here too.

Camel progressI have… oh, maybe 1/3 of the fiber left? I haven’t re-weighed it yet, I’ll probably do that tomorrow evening.

Unless the headache sticks around and I can’t spin after all.


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