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Day of rest July 2, 2009

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I fully intended to spend, if not all of work, at least the entire evening working on my Aeolian shawl. Unfortunately, due to several things, I only ended up getting a few hours of sleep last night. I was dead tired all day long (still am- about to go to bed now) and just couldn’t focus enough to even think about lace. Tomorrow should be better, as I don’t have work and can sleep in as long as I need to to really be refreshed. I’ll post photos once I get a few more rows done.

Instead of knitting, Janelle and I went to her place (after taking care of my sister’s dog and cat- we’re petsitting for the weekend) and played Rock Band 2. There are some neat songs, but the nice thing is that you can (at least on the PS3) upload all the old Rock Band 1 songs to this version and play anything from either game. Kind of a neat feature, that.


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