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Gonna be phenomenally successful July 1, 2009

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(homestarrunner reference, guys)

I have already finished, depending on what you count, either one or five WIPs for WWM. One, if you only count actual knitting; however, there are “events” for both finishing and frogging.

Here’s the official one- the knitting one. My leafy mitts are complete!


For the finishing event, I found buttons for those owl mitts.


And frogging… I went a little nuts. I planned to frog just one thing, but ended up frogging two sock projects and the start of my Katarina (I decided to get different yarn).

Frogged yarn

I’m officially down to 4 knitting projects, one of which is Aeolian and will hopefully be done within a week. Other than that, it’s gonna be all spinning all the time ’round these parts.


One Response to “Gonna be phenomenally successful”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hurray for a FO on the first day!

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