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Let the games begin! June 30, 2009

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Tomorrow is the beginning of the WIP Wrestlemania, which feeds right into the Tour de Fleece! It’ll be a month of mayhem, I assure you. Here’s a log of what I’ve decided to work on.

First, the Leafy Mitts, which I will hopefully finish tomorrow.


After that, I will buckle down on the Aeolian shawl over the holiday weekend.


Tour de Fleece starts on the 4th, and my challenge to myself will be to spin every day, finish 4 wips, and one day walk one mile while drop spindling. Here are the wips.

First, the jeweltone dark BFL on my butternut Kundert spindle:


Then, there’s the carbonized bamboo on my BGD spindle.

So fine!

I want to finish the camel down as well, on my walnut Bosworth.

Camel foreeeever

And the last one (I’m not sure I’ll end up doing this) is a wheel project. I will either spin 2oz of tussah silk, or 4 oz of merino/bamboo.


I’m both excited and a little nervous. So much to do! Plus I’m a team captain for WWM! I’m insane, but we all knew that already anyway, right? 😉


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