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Little Blue June 29, 2009

So, today, 10 business days having passed since I brought in my camera for service, I called Best Buy to see what the heck-butt was up. After 3 phone transfers and 12 minutes on hold, I finally got my answer… it was unfixable. They’d known this for a week. They never called me.

I went in and got a new one, and filled out a rather angry comment card. It probably won’t do any good, but hey, I feel better. Plus the new camera came with all the accoutrements that the old one did, but I had kept the old ones, so it’s like a bunch of free stuff as compensation for my long wait.

The new camera, she has a name! It struck me as I was uploading the photos. The camera is small, sleek, blue, and above all… has no internal memory storage. It only has a memory card slot. It’s obvious; my camera is Dory, from Finding Nemo.

And now Dory and I will share with you everything you’ve missed since the old li’l blue died a premature death.

First, the FOs:

Baby robe!


The Rincewind Baby Robe, the bane of my existence for several months. I love how it turned out. We’re still not totally sure whether we’re going to mail it or bring it with us when (if?) we go out there in August.


For the swap: The freakin’ adorable, I need one for myself now Elephant tea cozy. I love this thing so much. Doesn’t it work perfectly on my elephant teapot?

Owly mitts

And the owl mitts, which I think I’m going to add button eyes onto. I loooove this yarn, it’s Dream in Color Classy, leftovers that Nicole gave me. Amazing wonderful stuff.

Here is the new WIP, my Deep in the Forest mittens. Isn’t that edging cool?


I hate to say it but I might have to rip back to the braid. I think my floats are too tight. 😦 But oh, that edge… I love it so.

EdgeI’m so happy to have a nice camera again! I feel like I can get back into the swing of blogging- and it’s just in time, since WWM starts Wednesday and Tour de Fleece starts Saturday. Exciting!


One Response to “Little Blue”

  1. Heather Says:

    Definitely put buttons on the owl mitts! That would just complete them. I love Dream in Color…Classy is my favorite worsted weight yarn, ever.

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