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Weekend in Reverse June 28, 2009

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I had sort of a strange weekend, in that yesterday felt very much like Sunday and today I could’ve sworn it was Saturday. It was a little disconcerting, and really sort of unpleasant since I have to go to work tomorrow… but hey, four day week. I get Friday off since the 4th is on a Saturday this year. We’re pet-sitting/house-sitting for my sister and her husband from Wednesday to Sunday, but we don’t have any big plans for the fourth. Considering that normally, we’d be up in Brainerd doing professional fireworks shows… it’s sort of a welcome break (honestly? I’m sort of hoping we never do that again).

I’m up to the start of the thumb gusset on my Deep in the Forest Mittens. The braided cuff was really fun, and looks awesome. Hopefully I’ll get my camera back soon (it’s been 10 business days- I’m calling them tomorrow) and I can show you guys. Other than that I really spent the weekend watching TV and playing the Sims 3 with Janelle. The mitten pattern is just complex enough that, while I can watch TV and knit them, I can’t really bring them with me anywhere, so I was glad to see a good number of programs were on this weekend that I actually enjoy watching. I’m really picky about television.


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