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Continental Blues June 27, 2009

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So, last night, I cast on for my Deep in the Forest Mittens. As you can see by the pattern, this is a heavy colorwork pattern- at some points it switches colors nearly every stitch. Now, I could have chosen to go with what I did on the mittens I made for my friend Autumn, and hold one color in each hand… but my darling husband got me this  knitting thimble in my Christmas stocking last year, and I wanted an excuse to use it! However, it has to be used on your left hand- you have to knit solely Continental to use it. While I technically can knit Continental, I’m an English style knitter and have been since day one. This has been… an issue.

Since my tension changes when I knit Continental, I decided that I should probably knit the whole mittens that way. My hands aren’t used to the position and movements, so they’re getting very sore- especially the tip of my left middle finger, which the right needle rubs on every stitch. It gets sore and then numb and then I have to stop knitting. I’ve also been going very slowly, but the biggest issue… purling. Purling Continental is, to put it nicely, a big freaking hassle. Supposedly once you’re used to it, it’s much faster than English, but as yet… a single purl row is taking me upwards of 10 minutes. I feel like I’m just learning to knit again. Talk about frustrating.

Today, I may knit on those, but I may decide to spin or play the Sims 3. I should probably start spinning that silk, but the patch for the Sims that I’ve been waiting for, that makes it so you really can turn off “story progression” (the function that allows the families you aren’t playing to keep living and making choices and moving and things, all on their own) just came out, I’ve been wanting to play that again. Then again, I suppose I could do multiple things. What an idea, right? Shocking.


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