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Designer Intervention June 25, 2009

Thanks to a comment from Heather on my last post, I went searching for aid on Katarina. Believe it or not, some one who wants to knit it in my size, using exactly the same gauge I am getting, was asking for help in the CocoKnits forum and the designer herself popped in to assist. I now have all the numbers I need for the back, but then… Well, she also said that she’s rewriting the pattern and sizing it up. So now I’m not entirely sure I want to knit it until that’s done. It would just be much easier once it’s sized up, and while I do like the yarn I have now, it’s not ideal. I think I’ll wait and do it in an aran weight yarn, to get gauge. Maybe.

For now, I’ve decided to do two things regarding WWM:

1. Cast on the Deep in the Forest mittens, in case I get to them, but otherwise focus solely on Aeolian until it’s done

2. If I finish Aeolian in time, I will participate in Tour de Fleece in conjunction with WWM. In anticipation of that I’ll start a wee bit of the silk I want to spin. TdF starts on the 4th, so I might be able to swing both the shawl and the spinning. I think my “personal challenge” would just be to spin a true laceweight silk yarn, as I have spun neither silk nor laceweight before. I’d like to get at least 500yd out of 2oz.


3 Responses to “Designer Intervention”

  1. Heather Says:

    Did the designer have an explanation for the weird gauge issues that everyone is having?

    (You know…you have time to start on Owls and have it count for the WWM….Just sayin’)

  2. sheepishlittleblog Says:

    Nope, apparently she just has very very very loose gauge. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.

    (And no I don’t! I don’t have money for yarn, and that sweater doesn’t come in my size anyway. I’m having enough trouble sizing up Katarina! :P)

  3. Heather Says:

    Okay, you’re off the hook. It’s quite possible that I will end up with not enough yarn/a sweater that doesn’t fit/major problems because I’m cardiganizing it and I’m not especially experienced with sweaters.

    So, that chances of me ending up with a sweater that fits is slim to none.

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