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Well what the heck June 21, 2009

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I could have *sworn* I blogged yesterday. I was dead sure! But no, apparently not. I was at a LAN all evening, so I suppose it’s unsurprising.

Today, Janelle and I went out to a Knit in Public Day event at Powderhorn park. It was really fun and I got some free sock yarn from a lady that was doing some stash reduction. I’ll post photos once my camera is back. After that, we went out for ice cream at Izzy’s, and then went over to Autumn and Tiffany’s for what was supposed to be a 3 hour crafting afternoon (“crafternoon”). However, since we were having so much fun and A & T’s other plans for the evening got called off, we all stayed and drank sweet tea vodka and lemonade and played Rock Band. I apologize for any gross misspellings, as I am a sheet and 3/4 to the wind at the moment. However, I got the tea cozy completely done except for seaming and the fingerless mitts over half done. They’re very cute. I ended up using some of Nicole’s Dream In Color Classy leftovers in a blue/purple mix.

Tomorrow we’re hoping to head to the lake for some swimming, but I may end up over at Janelle’s helping her clean (aka, I knit, she cleans- I’m just there for company).


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