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Too happy to come up with a coherent title June 18, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — knitbytes @ 7:39 am

I am DONE with all the knitting for this bathrobe.

That’s right; done. Done with seed stitch.

I got the hood basically done at craft group last night, and then quick before bed (and the reason I didn’t blog last night) I knit up the little belt. It’s only 3 rows + cast on and bind off, so it wasn’t difficult to get done or anything.

Up for today? Seaming! Lots of seaming, and then embroidery. Once that’s done I can start on my swap knitting, which I’ll probably talk about since my partner a. doesn’t know who I am and b. doesn’t, as far as I know, read my blog. I just have to find the right yarns, now…


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