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Skywalkeresque June 16, 2009

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The biggest barriers for me when it comes to knitting are twofold. First is the all-too-common knitter’s block, otherwise known as being uninspired and unmotivated. The second and far worse is the physical barrier… how much my hands/arms/wrists/etc. can take before it’s just plain time to stop.

I was on a roll tonight- nearly half done with the hood on the bathrobe! But instead of breaking that halfway point with my last wakeful hour of the day, I’m … well. I’m typing this. And then I’ll probably watch tv or something. Maybe read a book.

In other words, not what I want to be doing, just because of my stupid physical limitations. I can only imagine how much worse it will be as I get older, particularly if I inherit my mother’s arthritis. It’s terrifying, really.

And that’s where I come to my post title… really, wouldn’t it be better if I could just get my hands, or at least my left hand as it’s more prone to pain, replaced by Luke-and-Anakin-Skywalker-esque robotic hands? Think of all I could do! I could crush aluminum cans to tiny cubes! I could bend 2 inch steel bars! I could knit for 15 hours straight!!

It would be amazing. Someone wanna get on inventing that for me, please? I have to go ice my hands.


One Response to “Skywalkeresque”

  1. Lauri Sam Says:

    that would be ‘sweet’…i am similarily hampered by pain…i knit until the fingers on my left hand lock and the i suffer for a few more rows…being a bionic knitter has a certain allure.

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