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Things for which I am glad today June 14, 2009

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  1. It was Sunday, which was very important because my crushing headache from yesterday continued unabated. It’s still going, but moderately quenched now thanks to:
  2. Ibuprofen. I took …probably more than one should, in an effort to quash this stupid headache. It only sort of worked, and only ever for about an hour.
  3. The Discovery Channel had an all-day Mythbusters marathon, allowing me to sit on the couch all day nursing my headache and knitting the baby bathrobe. I now have the whole body and one sleeve totally done, and the 2nd sleeve cast on.
  4. Frozen pizza, which is inexpensive enough to be affordable, but easy enough to make when I have a headache going on its 36th hour.
  5. Air conditioning, since it was stupidly sticky-hot in this apartment today.
  6. My wonderful husband, who understands about my headaches, dragged the 50ish pound air conditioner up 3 flights of stairs, and walked down to the CVS to get that frozen pizza I mentioned.

One Response to “Things for which I am glad today”

  1. oh my.. I am sorry to hear about your headache I can relate only too well, I had headaches that lasted days like that and the worst part is I thought they were dying off and then they would come back, I haven’t had one in months now * knock on wood* but I remember them too well..
    I hope it’s gone by today, and you start to feel better, hurray for wonderful husbands like him 😉 mine will let me stay in our room while he takes care of our two kids and tries to keep them quiet, for me watching tv is not even an option, the noise or light from it would be a killer..

    good luck !

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