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One day, 2 billion activities June 14, 2009

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This was the longest, most full Saturday I can remember having in ages. I ran some errands in the morning (including dropping my camera at Best Buy, they’re sending it off for repairs) and spent most of the early afternoon helping Nicole move. Her new apartment is very cute and very her, and we got the whole move done by about 2pm. Pretty impressive. She got us beer and pizza to thank us, and then we went home for a nap. By the time I got up, it was dinner time, but I still managed to make dinner, knit a huge amount on my baby bathrobe, and watch about 7 hours of television while doing it before bedtime (aka right now), all with a headache.

I am very nearly done with the right front panel now, having gotten the back done a couple of hours ago. After that, all I have left are the sleeves, hood, and belt. It’s coming along at a much better clip now, which is great- I’m starting to think I might actually get it done by the end of June! My goal for tomorrow is to get one sleeve totally done. We’ll see how I do.


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