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Likea Hat? Nooooo. June 12, 2009

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When I was little, my family frequently babysat a child of a friend of ours. She was very little, and couldn’t read yet, but she loved the Dr. Seuss book “Go Dog Go” and would frequently “read” it to herself. It consisted of mostly “Do, Dog, Do.” *turn page* “Do, Dog, Do.” Over and over, but at the “Do you like my hat?” parts, she’d just say “Likea hat? Noooo.”

That’s how it felt at work yesterday, trying to get my coworker to pick up his baby’s panda hat. I kept reminding him, and he kept saying “in a minute” and putting it off, until I was starting to think he didn’t want the thing anymore. It turned out, as he told me at 4:30pm as he left the building, that he’d forgotten to bring cash to pay me with, so he couldn’t take the hat.

He couldn’t’ve just, you know, told me that at 9am when I reminded him the first time. No. That would make sense.

Anyway, I started the left front side of the bathrobe past the split yesterday. Only got a few rows in as work was really busy, and I’m not likely to make much progress today either as Teresa is out and I’m slow at doing her job now. At least I caught up- she’d left several hours of work she hadn’t gotten to last night, so I had to plow through that and then tackle the morning stuff as well. Hopefully the rest of the day will be slow.


One Response to “Likea Hat? Nooooo.”

  1. Lauri Sam Says:

    likea payment? yes!

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