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Maybe I should start blogging in the morning June 9, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — knitbytes @ 7:41 am

This time I have a real excuse- I was working on a promo for the podcast, which is still not actually working very well. The problem is that I haven’t really heard many knitting podcast promos, so I have nothing to go by.

Anyway, I’m nearly to the sleeve split on that bathrobe now. I have… maybe 15 or 16 rows left. Once I get to that point it ought to go faster, merely because the rows are shorter so I’ll have more visible progress, which always motivates me. I’ll attempt to provide photos tonight, assuming my crippled camera cooperates. I still haven’t gone to Best Buy to get a replacement. I probably will on Saturday, because we’re helping Nicole move and she lives fairly close to a Best Buy.

Incidentally, episode 9 of the podcast is up! I hope we’ll get good downloads this time, Ep 8 was a bit low.


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