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Babies! Babies everywhere! June 9, 2009

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At the moment, I am in some stage of the process of helping clothe FOUR babies. That doesn’t even count my 2 year old neice, as she is now just about in “toddler” territory, and what I’m making her for Christmas isn’t clothes (no, I’m not telling what it is).

1. My friend Rose, in California, is hopefully finding out the gender of her baby as I type, if not earlier today. I’m not yet sure what I’m making for her.

2. An online friend who shall remain unnamed is having a surprise blanket made for her, and I’m helping with that as well as knitting some tiny shoes.

3. Then there’s my coworker of Panda Hat fame, who requested another one for his infant son. I finished it today, sorry for the sad pathetic photo (again, camera not so happy).

panda hat take 2

4. I am still of course working on that baby bathrobe for Cory’s best friend’s baby, due at the end of this month. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far (I’m about 3 rows from the split for sleeves, now).


Let the Sims 3 case tell you exactly how big that swath of red seed stitch really is. Ah well, soon I’ll be on to shorter rows- faster knitting!


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