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Movin’ Up… six cubes up June 4, 2009

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I’ve been wanting to move cubes at work since about October of last year- when I got my new position, basically, and didn’t have to sit with the girl I had shared a job with any longer. She moved out of our shared cube ages ago. I have three major issues with my current cubicle, which I’ll show you via a diagram here.

diagram- before

(the os just represent people, the slashes represent empty cubes)

Ok, here’s my floor at work. See the yellow spot labelled “me”? See how I’m completely surrounded by bosses? That’s one issue. Issue two is the yellow spot labelled “p” close to me. That’s the coworker I can’t stand. That’s the biggest issue, closely followed by the farthest yellow spot- yep, the one marked “bathroom”. I’m really, really far away from the bathroom. This is an issue, considering I’ve always had some… ahem. Bladder related and gastrointestinal issues.

So, I brought up the most convincing issue- that of the distance to the bathroom- with my boss (the one right across the aisle from me in the diagram, heh). She consulted with the big boss (in the lower right corner) who gave the ok for me to move. I thought I would be taking the cube two down from the highlighted “o”, but that particular o is a hardware tech who would quite like the convenience of a double cube rather than his current single, so he was eyeing up the cube two down.

So basically, the deal is, I’m getting that o’s cube. See diagram 2.

diagram- afterNote how I am now as close as possible to the bathroom. Note how I am now as far as possible from that little “P”. This makes me so happy you have no idea. Since that little “P” on the diagram is… oh, say 70% of what is wrong with my job, I think things will be significantly better in the near future.

The only problem… see how, across from the cube I’m getting in diagram one, there is another little “o”? And how, in diagram two, that cube now says “new admin”? Yeah, someone from outside our department is taking one of the offices at the top there, and her admin is moving into that cube, causing the person from our department to have to move back two cubes… which essentially leaves me surrounded by one empty cube, one fax machine cube, and an admin not from our team. It’ll be a lonely island, but at least it won’t be anywhere near that P.


One Response to “Movin’ Up… six cubes up”

  1. niney Says:

    Congrats! I hope you like your new cube home!

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