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Can’t talk June 2, 2009

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Playing Sims 3. Please leave a message at the tone…



3 Responses to “Can’t talk”

  1. niney Says:

    Omg. I played it for 5 minutes at a friend’s house yesterday. I am so hooked. Did you see the scale for skintones, and the ability to make really fat sims! Oh, and did you see that you can change the color and texture of bed linens? Ok, I’m going to quit geeking out about it now.
    Suffice to say, It’s very easily my new nerd crack.

  2. sheepishlittleblog Says:

    I know, it’s awesome! It’s almost like an entirely new game, but at the same time they kept all the good parts of Sims 2. I love the new wants system and the ability to change what you do while at work, too.

  3. niney Says:

    They did so good. It’s amazing. Oh and did you see that the download manager is built in! no more having to have 3 programs to look at all the stuff you DL. Oh, and I like being able to walk over and pick a fight with my neighbour and diss their house. I only got 5-10 minutes of actual game play in, but I love that they kept the same controls more or less. I would probably cry if I wasn’t able to press 3 and speed everything up.

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