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Memorable May 24, 2009

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In planning our anniversary celebrations this year, I ended up asking the good folks over at Ravelry for ideas. The responses, while all congratulatory and sweet, mostly had one thing in common; a reflection that the poster’s first anniversary had been a. low-key, b. cheap, and above all c. not memorable at all. Many of them didn’t even remember what they’d done. I decided that whatever we ended up doing, it had to be memorable. The first anniversary is kind of a big deal, really, so I wanted to make it a good one. I think we succeeded.

We spent the morning lazing about, and I made eggs benedict (sans meat) for breakfast. Around noon, we picked up some lunch and went to Valleyfair.

Dippin' dots!

Yes, I took this photo. It took a few tries to get us both in the shot at all, so our expressions should be excused.

Valleyfair is, for those that don’t know, the big local amusement park. Cory and I both love rollercoasters and other thrill rides, so we had a fantastic time. Also, previously unknown to us, there is an IMAX theater there and they were showing a very cool 40 minute video on cave exploration and how it can be useful to science and medicine. It was funny, actually- when we went into the movie, it was grey and kind of chilly outside, but when we got out the sun was shining and it was plenty warm to tackle the park’s other major draw- the waterpark, complete with new wave pool! I ended up getting a bit of a headache from the chlorine (waterslides + tubing + wave pool = lots of chlorine in the sinuses) but a bit of ibuprofen and a rest (while Cory went on the waterslides a few dozen more times) and I was fine.

Around 7, we went home and changed for our evening amusement- The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant.

Melting Pot barThe bartender took this photo while we were waiting for our table to be ready.

We took a taxi both ways, which was kind of new and fun. That allowed us to get a bottle of quite good wine, though I don’t exactly remember the name. We got a cheese course and a chocolate course, and had a great time there as well.


It was an absolutely fantastic day, and frankly, I think we’ll remember it for a long time to come.


Anniversareve May 22, 2009

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That’s right- tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s already been a year, honestly! So much has happened, but it also went surprisingly fast.

Because tomorrow, we won’t be home all day (and we’re having fondue so we won’t want more dessert) we decided to have our year-old frozen wedding cupcakes a day early, with a nice bottle of wine.

What do year old, frozen and then thawed cupcakes look and/or taste like, you ask? What about freezer burn, and the fact that you moved with them and they probably thawed and refroze more than once? What about the fact that stuff got stacked on top of them several times while they were in the freezer?

Well. See for yourselves.


Evidently the internet is, occasionaly, correct! Wrapping cake in plastic bags, then tinfoil, then plastic again, then tinfoil again… equals perfect cake, even a year later, even after being thawed and refrozen, and even after being crushed.

They were delicious, and so was this.



And the winner is… May 21, 2009

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None of the above!

That’s right, people. Here were the final numbers:

1. 0

2. 1

3. 4

4. 3

5. o

6. 1

Since number 3 was the favorite, and it also happened to be the one I put in as a joke because it is really more of a PORN name than a wrestling name… I decided that I also get to cast a vote. My vote for number 4 puts 3 and 4 at a tie, and thus I have decided to combine them.

That’s right.

My wrestling name… is El Huracán Coco, or THE COCONUT HURRICANE.

Aw yeah. How’s that for intimidating?

Those of you that voted for Molly Coconuts, I think you misread the requirements. The name has to be CPaA, but also awesome. You guys… you guys didn’t quite get the “awesome” part down. I am not an 80s softcore porn starlet. I am a hulking, menacing wrestler, about to enter that ring and show several WIPs who is the boss.


LLlllet’s get Ready to Rummmbllllllllle!!! May 20, 2009

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It’s time again for the Summer Ravelry Competition! Last year was the Summer Ravelympics- alongside the Summer Olympics, y’understand- and this year, in training for next year’s Winter Olympics, it’s the Work-In-Progress Wrestlemania!

I am co-captaining Team Team, the official team of the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Group Group. We are going to rock this thing. With cake.

Basically, the idea behind this event is to finish as many WIPs as you choose to tackle, within the month of July. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do, but I’m going to try to get the baby bathrobe done before the madness starts, so it won’t be one of my WIPs. I’ll probably tackle at least one pair of socks, and maybe my aeolian shawl.

But! I am in need of your assistance, my dear blog readers. I have to pick a Wrestling Name, and since I’m a co-captain of the CPaAGG team, it needs to be both awesome, and very CPaA. I have used many name generators, and here are the options. Comment to leave your vote. I’ll choose before blogging tomorrow, so choose quickly!

  1. Beeca Devastation
  2. Bea Troublesome (or Bee Troublesome, haha)
  3. Molly Coconuts
  4. El Huracán Verde
  5. La Fantasía Magico
  6. Beeca Apocalypse

It is time. May 19, 2009

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Remember how I was going to knit a baby bathrobe for Cory’s best friend’s baby, due in late June?

Remember how it was all seed stitch, and since I hate seed stitch I was going to work on it slowly because I had plenty of time?

Remember how I actually then completely stopped working on it for about a month and a half or so?

Yeah. It’s May 19th. The baby is due in just over 1 month, and we’re going out to Colorado in about 3.5 months. It is more than time to get working on this thing. Assuming we DO go to Colorado, I don’t have to knit super-fast but I do have to focus; assuming something horrible happens and we CAN’T go to Colorado… well. In that case, I have a month to knit a full-length toddler robe with hood, pockets, belt, and embroidery.

And this is all I have done.

About 2.5 inches


for those that listen, podcast episode 6 is up! It’s another long one!


An Ancient Source of Power May 18, 2009

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I seem to have mysteriously acquired, for the low low price of $1.85 (Janelle paid for it, too), an ancient artifact of unbelievable power.

It began simply enough, appearing as a totally innocuous bag containing one scant ounce of camel down.

Camel down!

No more, no less. Just one ounce; that’s ~28.3 grams.

I started spinning it up, to see how it would spin. It tends toward a rather fine single, I discovered, but still I assumed I wouldn’t get much yarn from it. It is only one ounce, after all.

It begins

So I spun, and I spun, and I spun some more.

A hundred yards, perhaps.

I spun at least 100 yards of fine laceweight singles, probably more like 150. Not drastically fine, but fine nonetheless.


But then, I started to notice something… The level of fiber in the bag did not appear to be going down. Maybe a little, but nothing like the half I thought I was nearing. So I pulled out my scale, subtracted the weight of the spindle, and weighed my singles.


0.2 oz. That’s 6 grams.

I weighed the remaining fiber, only to find…

O_O0.8 ounces.

I’ve not even spun a quarter of this stuff. Somehow, and I don’t know if it’s the spindle or the fiber itself that’s magic, but somehow I have managed to spin a cop that big from 0.2 ounces of camel down.

Should I call the National Archives, or something? The Smithsonian, perhaps? Whatever I have here, it can’t be normal.


Photos or it didn’t happen May 17, 2009

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As promised, here are photos from yesterday when we visited the Como Zoo and Conservatory. Seeing as all I did today  was hang some shelves, ply some mediocre yarn, and play the Sims 2, I’m rather glad I have photos to share.