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Mercury’s last hurrah May 31, 2009

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It’s been noted by a lot of people lately that Mercury is currently in retrograde (in other words, it appears to be moving backward through the sky). According to astrology, which I don’t entirely believe but also can’t deny it rings true pretty dang often, mercury being in retrograde causes issues with travel, technology, and communication, but a lot of people seem to find that just everything goes wrong. This retrograde started May 6 and ended yesterday; today is the day that the planet appears to hold still before resuming its normal course.

Today, in other words, was Mercury’s last chance to get a few shots in until the next retrograde in September. It managed pretty nicely.

  • I was kept awake by a nocturnal roommate of Nicole’s and two very very noisy ceiling fans until 5am.
  • I finally got to sleep, only to wake up at 7.
  • Got up around 8:30 and got online, only to find that my cousin’s cat passed away last night.
  • We got the first coat of stain/poly combination on the wheel, and quickly realized that the stains (oak and walnut, supposedly very different colors) were basically the same dang color after all.
  • After the first coat dried we were dismayed to find that the finishing product we used had pooled and gummed up and dried weirdly on a few pieces, the worst of which was the wheel itself.
  • Just as we decided to do a rough sand and refinish on the wheel part, we noticed it was getting very windy and grey outside and had to move everything into the garage before it rained.
  • In the middle of building a box fort in Nicole’s room, my camera (which I stupidly did not name) broke. Yep- and guess what? IT WAS THE MANUAL ZOOM AGAIN. Luckily I did get the no-holds-barred warranty, so supposedly all I have to do is walk into best buy and say “it broke, gimme a new one” and they will do just that.

Before you ask- yeah. I did get photos of the fort before the camera broke. No worries.

box fort


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