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Mercury’s last hurrah May 31, 2009

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It’s been noted by a lot of people lately that Mercury is currently in retrograde (in other words, it appears to be moving backward through the sky). According to astrology, which I don’t entirely believe but also can’t deny it rings true pretty dang often, mercury being in retrograde causes issues with travel, technology, and communication, but a lot of people seem to find that just everything goes wrong. This retrograde started May 6 and ended yesterday; today is the day that the planet appears to hold still before resuming its normal course.

Today, in other words, was Mercury’s last chance to get a few shots in until the next retrograde in September. It managed pretty nicely.

  • I was kept awake by a nocturnal roommate of Nicole’s and two very very noisy ceiling fans until 5am.
  • I finally got to sleep, only to wake up at 7.
  • Got up around 8:30 and got online, only to find that my cousin’s cat passed away last night.
  • We got the first coat of stain/poly combination on the wheel, and quickly realized that the stains (oak and walnut, supposedly very different colors) were basically the same dang color after all.
  • After the first coat dried we were dismayed to find that the finishing product we used had pooled and gummed up and dried weirdly on a few pieces, the worst of which was the wheel itself.
  • Just as we decided to do a rough sand and refinish on the wheel part, we noticed it was getting very windy and grey outside and had to move everything into the garage before it rained.
  • In the middle of building a box fort in Nicole’s room, my camera (which I stupidly did not name) broke. Yep- and guess what? IT WAS THE MANUAL ZOOM AGAIN. Luckily I did get the no-holds-barred warranty, so supposedly all I have to do is walk into best buy and say “it broke, gimme a new one” and they will do just that.

Before you ask- yeah. I did get photos of the fort before the camera broke. No worries.

box fort


Diaper bags and fake blood

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This has been a long, interesting, and varied day.

Cory and I  spent the early part of the day getting a birthday present for my niece, who turned 2. We got her a couple of accessory sets for her baby dolls– a snacktime set, with some fake food and dishes, and a diaper bag set, with everything you’d find in a diaper bag, including her favorite part, a cell phone. She wouldn’t put the thing down, and when she did for a moment and I put it in the bag for safekeeping, she started looking for it with her hands up on her head, going “my phone! My phone!” in a very worried voice. She sounded like me (and a lot of other people I know) when I can’t find my phone.

After going to the hardware store to buy supplies, Cory dropped me at Nicole’s place to start work on refinishing my spinning wheel, Peter. Peter is an Ashford Kiwi, named after a character of Nicole’s, a grouchy kiwi bird accountant. After disassembling and sanding the wheel, Nicole woodburned the treadle kiwi (already present) to look like Peter, and then also woodburned dancing kiwi birds around the wheel itself. So. Freakin’. Cute.

In contrast to the cute now decorating my wheel, while she worked on that (and I knit on that bathrobe) we watched Deadliest Warrior. Yep. It’s on Spike TV, the man channel. There’s lots of fake blood. LOTS of fake blood. All you need to know about this show is the title of one of the episodes…

William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu.


I wasn’t kidding.