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To dream the impossible dream May 28, 2009

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If you listen to the podcast, you might remember that we discussed the idea of doing some exercises from the AlterKnits book. Well, today in the podcast ravelry group, we opened the discussion with our listeners, and asked them to describe their dream knitting day (no boundaries, no limitations, no money or travel constraints, and you can have anyone with you that you want). I’m fairly pleased with what I came up with, though I think with more time I could do better.

“I think my day would start much like Betty’s, knitting with a cup of tea, watching the sun rise over the water, but I’d be on the coast, in Scotland, with mist over the water and green hills. I’d have breakfast with a few close knitterly friends, someplace with really fresh, good quality food. We’d knit over breakfast, and magically be in Toronto.

We’d go on a yarn crawl, and the owners of the shops would have every yarn there is and let us try everything before we bought it. We would have a picnic lunch and go on a hike (with portable knitting projects, of course!) in some breathtakingly gorgeous untouched piece of land.

Then we’d all meet up with the famous knitters I want to meet, like Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Amy from Knitty and Cat Bordhi, and have dinner in a really extravagant restaurant that had everyone’s favorite foods. We’d go back to a big plush house somewhere, and knit away the evening talking and listening to great music. Most importantly, though the whole thing, my hands and wrists would never get tired.”

The followup question is to think about whether or not any elements of your dream are attainable, immediately or otherwise, and then think about having an event that includes some of them. Anyone up for a yarn crawl/picnic/dinner/sleepover? Can’t promise any famous knitters will attend, though 😉

What’s your dream knitting day?


One Response to “To dream the impossible dream”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I’d totally be up for a yarn crawl/picnic/dinner/sleepover!

    I’m gonna go post my answer to the exercise in the Rav group, because it got a little long.

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