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Um, oops? May 27, 2009

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Yeahhh, so apparently last night my brain shut off about 4 hours earlier than normal. I was playing the sims, got distracted by the excitement of new members and posts in the Knitscape ravelry group (they like us! They really like us!), and somehow completely forgot to blog. So, uh, sorry about that.

Tonight is craft group, which means I can’t ruin my good intentions to work on the bathrobe by sitting in front of my computer and “unintentionally” getting absorbed in the internet or the sims. Hopefully I’ll finally get to the stupid 2nd decrease tonight. Looong way to go. Honestly, I’m getting used to the seed stitch now, so the main issue with the thing is how long it takes to see any progress. Really quite frustrating.

I also haven’t done Macro May in nearly a week… So much went on this weekend, and I was just so bleah yesterday (did not want to go back to work) that I haven’t really been on the ball. I will endeavor to kick myself into shape over the next couple of days here. Hopefully that will mean I won’t forget to blog again.


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