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The best laid plans May 27, 2009

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Well, I was wrong about today; we didn’t have craft group after all, as Janelle and I would have been the only attendees . So, we stayed home and played the sims, and I didn’t get any more knitting done. I did get a couple of rows in while I was at work, so it wasn’t a total loss knitting-wise.

If you’re wondering why I have been playing the sims so much lately, there’s a simple answer. Sims 3 is coming out on Tuesday, and I plan to get to Target as early as possible that day (I have it off from work) to get a copy. Because of that, I’m kind of trying everything I can think to try in the Sims 2, as I probably won’t play it much, if ever, again. So I’ve been making vampires, werewolves, families that have twins, families with vacation homes in various places, and even trying functions like the “rage” toggle, where if someone does something really bad (cheats on their spouse, for example) the slighted person gets “rage” toward the cheater and stays as far negative in relationship as possible for a week. They will generally, if not attack on sight, at least yell and fight verbally with the person whenever they see them.

In any case, I have some seed stitch calling my name. I’ll leave you with a macro photo I took today of part of a neat picture frame we own.



2 Responses to “The best laid plans”

  1. oh no, the photo is too dark to see, too bad about your craft group not getting together, I have been trying to get one here going but with no luck. I love the SIms2!!! sadly my computer crashes a lot when playing it, so until I get a new video card I haven’t tried to play it again… oh how I miss them
    Sims 3 is coming out!! hollycow! but I don’t even have all the Sims2 add ons.. which means people will be selling them soon to get the new one! exciting times for me!

    😉 good luck with the new Sims 3, and getting your craft group together

  2. Lauri Sam Says:

    are you avoiding said seed stitch? I stayed up until 3:00 AM finishing the Lorna’s Laces Shepards wool baby sweater and hat. This is the first time I have actually finished a project before the baby was here (due June 10). [there should be cymbals crashing and wild applause here…] I will post on Ravelry once I block the sweater. I mastered buttonholes at midnight (dear diary…) and am quite pleased with my bad self. Are you inspired to knit on…

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