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Zzzzzzzz May 25, 2009

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Late one tonight. It’s already 11:22 (note: I am normally in bed by 11 at the latest) and I am just now blogging. We recorded episode 7 of Knitscape tonight, and with the long recording, editing, finding music, uploading, and now starting a Ravelry group, I didn’t realize how late it was getting. But dang I’m tired!

Janelle and I did not, as we thought we would, go to the WWII reenactment/ceremony today, as we found out it wasn’t free, so instead we drove around for a few hours. It was nice to wander around a bit, and see parts of the city I’m not familiar with. We tried to go to Minnehaha Falls, but the park was overrun, so we ended up popping by my brother’s place to say hi and then heading home. Didn’t get much done besides the podcast, but at least it was a nice relaxing day.

Alright, I’m off to bed. Nodding off as I type, here. G’night.


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