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An Ancient Source of Power May 18, 2009

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I seem to have mysteriously acquired, for the low low price of $1.85 (Janelle paid for it, too), an ancient artifact of unbelievable power.

It began simply enough, appearing as a totally innocuous bag containing one scant ounce of camel down.

Camel down!

No more, no less. Just one ounce; that’s ~28.3 grams.

I started spinning it up, to see how it would spin. It tends toward a rather fine single, I discovered, but still I assumed I wouldn’t get much yarn from it. It is only one ounce, after all.

It begins

So I spun, and I spun, and I spun some more.

A hundred yards, perhaps.

I spun at least 100 yards of fine laceweight singles, probably more like 150. Not drastically fine, but fine nonetheless.


But then, I started to notice something… The level of fiber in the bag did not appear to be going down. Maybe a little, but nothing like the half I thought I was nearing. So I pulled out my scale, subtracted the weight of the spindle, and weighed my singles.


0.2 oz. That’s 6 grams.

I weighed the remaining fiber, only to find…

O_O0.8 ounces.

I’ve not even spun a quarter of this stuff. Somehow, and I don’t know if it’s the spindle or the fiber itself that’s magic, but somehow I have managed to spin a cop that big from 0.2 ounces of camel down.

Should I call the National Archives, or something? The Smithsonian, perhaps? Whatever I have here, it can’t be normal.


2 Responses to “An Ancient Source of Power”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    *cackles evilly* Finally my experiments with never-ending bags of fiber have come to fruition! Now… what to do with all that delicious yarn?

  2. Abby Says:

    It’s the magical wonder fiber!! Hmm.. maybe I should try it out…

    (My fiber stash is getting kind of large…)

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