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So I lied May 16, 2009

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No, I didn’t lie about today being full or interesting… just that this would be a long entry to make up for yesterday’s. I’ll list everything I did today, and I think you’ll understand why I just need to go to bed and post photos and details tomorrow.

  • I got up at 8:30 with a headache, ate breakfast, showered, and took some medicine.
  • A few hours later Janelle picked me up and we went to lunch and then to my cousin’s garage sale in Anoka, where I picked up some books, shelves, and other random things (including 4 stuffed peeps, for a swap I’m in later this year).
  • After that, we went to the Como Zoo and Conservatory, and saw the Japanese Gardens. I have photos from this that will be up on Flickr sometime Sunday.
  • We got done there around 2:30 and went to Jamba Juice for a drink, then stopped by Lake Johanna to sit in the sun for a while, but it was pretty cold and windy so we didn’t stay long.
  • Then we went to the mall, where I got some shirts, stickers, and sunglasses. Janelle also got some shirts.
  • At 6 we met my mom and Cory for dinner at Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue, and ate tons of food.
  • After that we went back to my place and watched The Emperor’s New Groove.
  • Around 9 we went to Autumn and Tiffany’s place for a Cosmic Wii Bowling tournament. It was “sponsored” by Sierra Mist, meaning they got a group photo of us with their product and gave out cases of the new grapefruit version.

So, you see, I’m very very very tired right now and I think I need to go to bed rather than filling in more details. I’ll post some photos tomorrow, promise.