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Mission Accomplished. May 13, 2009

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We finally found the perfect spot for our craft group.

No, not The Beat– not only was the light not great and the comfy seating limited, but the atmosphere was a little TOO quiet, and tonight we arrived to find it was a concert night anyway, so we went to the Dunn Bros on West Lake St, down by the Breuggers and Lunds.

It was perfect! There was plenty of comfy (and interesting) seating- check out these thrones!

Fit for royalty!

The drinks were good, and varied. Everything from coffee to milkshakes to lemonade to herbal tea. They had baked goods from La Patisserie, which were quite good. I had a guiness stout gingerbread cake with lemon glaze, which was exactly as good as it sounds (aka really, really good).

The lighting was good, none of us seemed to have much trouble seeing what we were doing, and we were all doing different things.

Aut and Tiff



I also asked the staff there if there was any way to reserve the area for our group, but they said “you don’t really need to. There’s always plenty of space” so I take that as a good sign.