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Yawn May 12, 2009

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I had a really boring day, today. Work was pretty dead, and what work I had to do was dull. My boss was around all day so I couldn’t knit at all. When I got home, I played Discworld for a while (an old playstation game, great fun if you’re a Pratchett fan, great confusion if you aren’t) and then recorded the podcast. I just finished editing that, and it’s uploading now… so that was the entirety of my day.

I got stuck in Discworld a few times. It’s a good game, but a few of the things you have to do are completely unintuitive, and sometimes you have to click on just the right spot to get the interaction to work. For instance, to get the “magic coil”, you have to go to the barber, talk to the lady in the chair after you “look” at her hair curler, distract the barber with thoughts of his true love, and then while he’s distracted (about 5 seconds) use a particular item to pickpocket not the barber himself, but his pocket, which is a very small area on his torso. Rather annoying, but as I said the game manages to be really fun anyway. It has that essential Pratchettyness to it that makes it hilarious dispite its shortcomings.

Fraid I haven’t got much more to talk about, really. I will try to have a better post tomorrow, but I did want to let you all know that Episode 5 is in fact up. It’s long this time, lots to talk about, but I think it’s interesting anyway. Heh.

Well, off to bed.