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Shepherd’s Harvest, part 2 May 10, 2009

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I condensed a lot of these photos into mosaics, because otherwise you’d be scrolling for 3 hours. First, here’s what we caught on day 2 of the festival- the sheep and goat barns!

Sheep and goats!1. A very cute black kid 2. A snoring goat (cutest snore ever, perhaps?) 3. A Very Hungry lamb with its head jammed deep into the food 4. Cashmere goat kid! 5. The lamb that kept licking my hand 6. A huge and stoic merino ram

I love sheep. And goats. So cute! Someday I want a small flock of my own.

We also met up with Amerita (BerlinBetty, my podcast cohost) there– first time we’ve met in person! It was great to finally meet her and her family.

Now for the purchases, in a much larger mosaic.

Purchases1. A fleece! My first. It’s a 4 pound 10 oz lamb fleece, from a corriedale/romney X named Belle. I need to wash it still, but it looks like it will be just lovely when it’s clean.
2. Fiber samples (Janelle bought these). Camel down, flax, soy silk, and nylon.
3. Merino/bamboo, and an Emily spindle.
4. Emily spindle closeup. It’s lacewood, with a purpleheart shaft.
5. Silk hankies, and a Bosworth spindle.
6. Bosworth spindle closeup. Did you guys know he retired?! I was dismayed! I walked past a booth with lots of spindles and spotted the Bossies, and commented on it. The man who was running the booth said “yes, those are the last. He retired, you know.” So, of course I HAD to buy one. Last chance!
7, 8, 9, 10. “Batt Your Own” batts. A lovely lady had a drum carder set up for people to make their own crazy batts. The green ones are mine, and the teal and orange are Janelle’s. My sister did one, too.
11. Briar Rose Fibers laceweight. Merino/tencel.
12. My new Schacht hand cards!
13. Ginger sea salt soap, for exfoliating my hands before spinning.
14. Juniper incense and a sheepy stamp!
15. Big Blue Balls- a 7oz ball of Shetland/silk in brown and blue, and a 4oz ball of indigo-dyed corriedale. Both are Janelle’s.

So far, I have started to spin Batt Your Own #4 (the pale green one):

Pale green yarn

Tried the carders with some white wool and mohair locks I already had:


Spun rolag

And started spinning the camel down sample.

Camel down

We took my mom out for Mother’s Day tonight, as well. We went to La Casita, which was good (as usual), and gave her the audio book of Pride and Prejudice and a skein of lavendar and tan alpaca yarn. Afterwards, we took my brother home, and decided to stop for a bit at Lake Hiawatha to watch the sun set. It was a good end to the weekend.

Sunset over the lake


3 Responses to “Shepherd’s Harvest, part 2”

  1. These photos are fantastic! There is a Shepherds Harvest Group on FlickR that would benefit from your work and sharp eye.

  2. Ebony Says:

    Mr. Bosworth is still making spindles. I spoke to him at MD S&W and have a Moosie on order. They’ve just stopped the wholesale business, so you should be able to get another one in the future if you like.

  3. sheepishlittleblog Says:

    Oh, yes, I know- but from what I heard there’s quite a waiting list and I wanted to be able to buy one in person. I’m definitely going to order more in the future directly from him, but I was glad to have the chance to get one at the festival. 🙂

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