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Shepherd’s Harvest, Part 1 May 9, 2009

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I’m dividing this into two entries, because it was huge and overwhelming… and because I’m going back tomorrow to turn in my Fiber Sandwich skein.

The fair had four main buildings, all of which had vendors (SO MANY VENDORS), music, and classes going on. There was also a llama building, a goat building, and a rabbit building, none of which we got to visit as there was already so much to see in the four main buildings. Here’s a few highlights, I’ll post photos of purchases tomorrow.

Bunny!An incredibly sweet and docile angora rabbit, sitting basically unattended on a rack of cages. Tons of people were petting and staring and talking, and he just sat.

Spinning from the bunny

A woman spinning directly off of a very patient angora rabbit. No, she wasn’t hurting him! They shed pretty copiously and she just pulls tufts of loose fur and spins them.


My favorite of the musical groups, Patchouli. They sounded kind of similar to the Gypsy Kings.

Giant knittingA character of a man knitting on giant needles. He was dancing to Patchouli as he knit.

Batt your ownJanelle and Kristen at the Batt Your Own booth, at which we spent over an hour. Kristen made one batt and Janelle and I each made two.

Walking wheelA man using a walking wheel (a type of spinning wheel where you spin the wheel with your hand, walk backwards as you draft, and walk forwards to wind yarn onto the spindle).

Finally, here’s my skein for the Fiber Sandwich. I sadly forgot to get a photo of the original sandwich, but it was basically a layer of brown wool topped with tons of different rovings, batt pieces, sari silk, wool locks, etc, and then all that was again topped with a layer of brown wool.

Sammich yarnI got about 112 yards, bulky weight, from 4.4 oz. Spun and plied in about 5 hours.

Close up

I promise there’ll be lots more tomorrow! I bought things. Awesome things. But, it is midnight and I am freakin’ tired. So, tomorrow.